Our research

Pioneer Species

We conduct research to identify Pioneer species from each biome.

We develop tailored pretreatment coating, or pelleting protocols per species

Seed pretreatment and pelleting.

We understand the physiology of seeds. Our two approach research focuses on:

  • identify pretreatment needs to foster seedling vigor.
  • development of a tailored seed enhancing protocol.

We partner with local research institutes.

Research Agreement with Agroforestry department, Agricultural Sciences, Central University of Ecuador

Not just seeds

We understand the complex interaction of biodiversity. Reforestation of native biomes integrates microflora restoration.

Our drones also deploys pods charged with:

  • Fungi, that will recover the net of mycelium that keeps the biome interaction.
  • Bacteria.
  • Organic Fertilizers.
  • Humus.
  • Biochar: to improve the carbon ratio of the soil.